20 ways to connect open data and local democracy

Interesting notes from a workshop by @TimDavies on local democracy and open data, summary:

At the Local Democracy for Everyone (#notInWestminister) workshop in Huddersfield today I led a session titled ‘20 ways to connect open data and local democracy‘. Below is the list of ideas we started the workshop with

In the workshop we explored how these, and other approaches, could be used to respond to priority local issues, from investing funds in environmental projects, to shaping local planning processes, and dealing with nuisance pigeons.

1. Practice open data engagement […]
2. Showing the council contribution […]
3. Open Data Discourses […]
4. Focus on small data […]
5. Tactile data and data murals […]
6. Data-driven art […]
7. Citizen science […]
8. Data dives & hackathons […]
9. Contextualised consultation […]
10. Adopt a dataset […]
11. Data-rich press releases […]
12. URLs for everything – with a call to action […]
13. Participatory budgeting – with real data […]
14. Who owns it? […]
15. Social audits […]
16. Geofenced bylaws, licenses and regulations: building the data layer of the local authority […]
17. Conversations around the contracts pipeline? […]
18. Participatory planning: visualising the impacts of decisions […]
19. Stats that matter […]
20. Spreadsheet scorecards and dashboards […]

More infos about these 20 ideas can be found at http://www.timdavies.org.uk/2015/02/07/20-ways-to-connect-open-data-and-local-democracy/