EU-Richtlinie zu Open Government Data vor Beschluss im EU-Parlament

EU-Kommissarin Neelie Kroes informiert über Twitter:

Zugehörige Presseaussendung: – Auszug:

Commission welcomes Member States’ endorsement of EU Open Data rules
Once fully implemented into national law, the revision of the 2003 Public Sector Information Directive would make all generally accessible (that is, non-personal) public sector information available for re-use. Developers, programmers, businesses and citizens will be able to get and re-use public sector data at zero or very low cost in most cases. They will also have access to more exciting and inspirational content, for example including materials in national museums, libraries and archives.

When fully implemented, proposed new rules would:

  • Create a genuine right to re-use public information, not present in the original 2003 Directive;
  • Expand the reach of the Directive to include libraries, museums and archives;
  • Establish that public sector bodies can charge at maximum the marginal cost for reproduction, provision and dissemination of the information. In exceptional cases, full cost recovery (plus a reasonable return on investment) will remain possible;
  • Oblige public sector bodies to be more transparent about charging rules;
  • Encourage the availability of data in open machine-readable formats


Update 22.5.2013:

Eine lesenswerte Analyse der Auswirkungen der aktualisierten Richtlinie ist auch im Blogpost “The new PSI Directive – as good as it seems?” von Ton Zijlstra and Katleen Janssen zu finden.